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'GO' Evangelism gospel tract

– Spreading the Good News worldwide

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation…” (Mark 16:15)

Jesus was 30 years old when his public ministry began – sometime around AD 27-29. Those were simple times, when gospel tracts were unheard of. The Saviour and his fellowship relied primarily on the spoken word to proclaim the Good News to the unconverted – and it worked miracles! Non believers converted by the droves, and more than 2,500 years later Christians all over the world bear testimony to His name.

But those simple times no longer exist, and evangelists, preachers and ministers of the Word can no longer rely on simple verbal messages to “…proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”.

“GO” Evangelism Ministry, Inc., tracts are the ideal way to reach out to diverse audiences and spread the Good News. Read on to find out how you can incorporate our tracts into your gospel Ministry.


Today, we are in the age of the computer and the internet. The world is indeed a global village, where everyone is connected and easily reachable. Unfortunately, we all live super busy lives, and don’t have too much time to spare for many things that really matter.

It is in this setting that we are also reminded, through Mark 16:15, that we as Christians have the obligation to proclaim His word unto the farthest corners of the world – and that’s where bible tracts play a huge role.

The world has come of age since Jesus stood at the banks of the river Jordan and preached His message. Today, we need more powerful tools than just the spoken word to carry on His legacy. In today’s busy information age, we need something that:

·       Is concise and succinct in its message

·       Has a pleasing look and feel to it – instantly attracting readers to it

·       Can be made available in printed form as well as electronic medium

·       Is available in “tongues” – so the message can be understood by people speaking various languages

In this age of instant gratification, where recipients of His message need to adapt to the world’s coming of age, a well laid out gospel tract is the ideal tool for messengers to deliver an impactful message to the masses.


Whether it is in Turkey, Russia, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Middle East, China, Italy, Pakistan, India, Thailand, or anywhere across the English-speaking world; there are millions of individuals that are hungry and thirsty to receive His word. We, at GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., proudly make it possible for preachers, evangelists and even lay Christians to fulfil their God-ordained ministry of evangelization. And we do it by using the most effective tool available today – gospel tracts.

Unlike many of us humans, who sometimes tire or get discouraged when our words are not heeded by our audience, these tracts are always on point – never wavering in their message!

Where individuals and groups in today’s rushed world may only give you a few minutes of their time, colourful, well designed tracts based on gospel themes make it possible to always stay with them – until red. Once handed to interested readers, by the power of His words, the tracts will work miracles and make themselves irresistible to read!

And while it may not be possible for many evangelists and people of the calling to visit every corner of the earth, the faithful bible tracts will easily make that journey – even unto the ends of the earth! They can be mailed, emailed and even televised or broadcast through modern means of communication.

Most importantly though, while you, as a faithful messenger, may speak only one or two languages, when you wish people of various cultures and different languages to witness your ministry; even though there is a language barrier, your faithful tract of gospel messages will make the impossible possible for you. Tracts bridge barriers to communication! 


When you venture out to witness His word and spread the gospel, it’s often hard to prepare yourself on how best to do it, even armed with the most moving and powerful tracts in hand. So how does one go about succeeding in his or her calling to become witnesses and spread the Word?

Here’s how to do it right:


The first thing to understand for a successful ministry is that gospel tracts don’t convert individuals by themselves. It takes the Holy Spirit to do that. Before every ministry encounter or event therefore, you need to pray and invoke the Holy Spirit, so it may intercede on your behalf.

The right approach:

Now that you are fortified with the Spirit, it’s time for the tract to show its power through you. Since you are the messenger, and the tract is the message, you need to ensure YOU are well received first, before nonbelievers accept your message.

When you approach an individual or a group, never push out a tract into their arms, hoping they will welcome your approach. Instead, greet your audience with a warm smile, making eye contact, even invoking a popular greeting in the tradition of the local environment that you are ministering.  

Making an impact:

No matter how great a messenger you are, if your message isn’t impactful, stirring and attractively presented, you will likely quickly lose the interest of an audience. In today’s hectic world, people will only pause if they see an attractive-looking message.

Using the highest quality gospel tract that you have access to will quickly have the desired impact on your listeners. Great tracts have the power of leaving indelible impressions, and that’s what GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., specializes in producing!

Be prepared:

Successful ministries don’t often happen by appointment. That’s because the Holy Spirit is continually at work, 24x7, working on people’s hearts. We never know when someone is ripe to open their hearts and receive the Word. And that’s why you must always be prepared to seize the moment!

Whether that moment manifests itself on a crowded bus, at a train station, in a coffee shop, or in a road-side encounter – you must always be prepared to make each encounter bear fruit. Always carry a supply of your favourite bible tracts with you, and be prepared to engage with anyone – no matter where, no matter when – that shows an interest in His message!        

Be a daily Messenger:

Successful Tract Ministries are about witnessing the Word daily. It’s not about Sunday’s, or Christmas or Easter only – but a daily routine. With millions hungry and thirsty for His Word, we cannot succeed in proclaiming “…the gospel to the whole creation” by following a predefined schedule. It must happen every day, 24x7, 365 days of the year!

To do that, you need to be prepared to distribute tracts each day as you go about proclaiming your ministry. Make it a point to reach out to as many individuals and groups – every single day – and share a gospel tract with them.

Being a daily Messenger can even happen when you are ill, in a hospital or a clinic, waiting for a doctor to see you. It can happen as you wait in a café or at an airport or terminal as you wait to catch your flight or train. And while you may only be able to spend a limited time ministering daily, with the help of the Holy Spirit, your tract will do the rest!


We, at GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., have been supporting gospel ministries across the globe in their mission to spread the Word. And thanks to our tracts, the Word is spread every day, in countless parts of the globe, and in numerous languages.

Tracts are powerful visual tools for those setting out on their ministry. Using the right tract can elicit the right response from individuals and groups. When they see a beautifully laid out tract, and read its message, it can evoke the right reaction to your message. They, and ultimately you, will reap the eternal rewards that lay ahead!

Use tracts as means of opening up a moving conversation about any aspect of gospel life. No matter who the audience is, no matter what the time or where the place is, the right tract will set the tone for a deeper conversation about gospel life and teachings.

And if you encounter an individual or group that has previously seen, read or heard your message – thanks to a tract that you may have handed out or left behind somewhere – the Holy Spirit will make your mission all the more easier. You will be able to instantaneously open their hearts with your words, and they too shall reap the rewards of being one in the Word with you.

At GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., we have gospel tracts that will move anyone into lending their ear to your message. You can develop a highly effective Tract Ministry by including a select choice of tracts in your evangelism efforts. And in doing so, you and everyone you touch through your ministry will reap the eternal reward of The Word!    


Why should Christians use Bible Gospel Tracts? Because God uses them mightily!


GO! Bible Gospel Tracts are simple yet powerful and illustrative for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you want people to accept your tracts, always greet them pleasantly "Hi," or Good morning."
After the greeting, say, "I Have Good News For You!" or "May I share good news with you?"

as you hand them a Powerful and Illustrative GO Gospel tract with a smile.

It makes them feel as though they are missing out on something important. So they are.

In most cases, people will gladly take one and thank you.

Christ is Coming Soon!  Time is Running Out Fast! 
Gospel Tracts
Have You Done Anything For Christ Lately?
If Not, Begin To Do Something Significant NOW! 
START Gospel Tract Evangelism! SAVE Perishing Souls!
Welcome to The Most Spiritually Productive Harvest Field!  
  Evangelize and Disciple the World's 2 Billion+ Precious Children & Youth Ages 4 to 14!
Witnessing To Children Has Never Been Easier!
According to BARNA Research Report, nearly 85% of people
who make a decision for Christ, do so between the ages of 4 and 14!
Powerful Images clearly show that Jesus is the Only Way to Eternal Salvation!
  Each page represents a central part of the gospel message!
  Beautifully and powerfully illustrated tracts get viewed more often than printed tracts!
  Great for children to use when telling other children about Jesus.
 Children worldwide between the ages of 4 & 14 are the most open to Christ!
 They are the most ready and reachable "people group", the world's ripest mission field.
Gospel Tracts
Why Gospel Tracts? Deep down, every faithful Christian wants to tell others about eternal salvation found in Jesus Christ,
but find it extremely difficult to talk personally with someone, especially a stranger. Is there a way to get over those fears, 
and make it much less difficult to spread the Gospel? Yes there is... GO! Gospel Tracts in Many Different Languages!
Who knows where and how far a GO! Gospel Tract will go, who will read it, and then end up meeting you in Heaven because
of that one GO! Gospel Tract that saved them from an eternity in Hell. Our prayer should be, "Lord give me souls!"
Gospel Tracts can get inside homes and stay there until read. You can't.
Gospel Tracts are willing to travel anywhere and willing to work overtime.
Gospel Tracts can be read many times over until the person meet the Lord.
Gospel Tracts never lose their temper in presenting the gospel.
Gospel Tracts never get discouraged!
When you make GO! Gospel Tracts part of your spiritual repertoire, God will give you many opportunities to share.
Billy Graham said, "Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News."
Charles Spurgeon stated, "When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a tract ready...
Get good striking tracts, or none at all. But a touching gospel tract may be the seed of eternal life.
Therefore do not go out without your tracts."
Dr. Oswald J. Smith said, "The only way to carry out the Great Commission will be by the means of the printed page."
   GO Out & Proclaim with The Powerful GO! Gospel Tracts!
Great Gospel Sharing Ideas!
One of the greatest tools for witnessing, next to the Bible itself, is the gospel tract. Quality gospel tracts present a simple, yet effective and
powerful presentations of the basics of salvation: our sin, God's wrath and judgment, eternal hell, Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross, and the eternal
hope in His resurrection.
 GO Evangelism Gospel Tracts are simple, yet powerful tools for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.
Quality gospel tracts present a simple, yet effective and powerful presentations of the basics of salvation: our sin, God's wrath and judgment,
hell, Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross, and the eternal hope found in His resurrection.
 The colorful and illustrative Gospel Tracts that GO Evangelism Ministry present to the world in Christian evangelism speak great volumes about
who we are and how we value the Great Commission and God who has given us the command. Each Gospel Tract must be powerful and
attractive enough to survive the trip home and then it must deliver the salvation message of Jesus Christ easily and clearly.
 These tracts are excellent for Christian outreach, evangelism, short term and long term mission trips, summer missions trip and missions trips
to foreign countries and all regions that speak the languages. More than 2,500,000 GO Evangelism Gospel Tracts have been distributed by
those faithful servants of God!

Animated Gospel Tract!/font>

'Street Evangelism' is the Most Powerful, Exciting, and Rewarding Ministry that You Will Ever Be Involved in!
GO Now and SAVE Perishing Souls!
 Why GO! Gospel Bible Tracts?
It's been said and proven that nothing cost less, goes farther, lasts longer or present it better than a powerful
and illustrative Gospel Bible tract.  A quality Christian Gospel Bible Tract such as 'GO' Evangelism Gospel Bible tract is to the point,
relevant, arrests our attention, contains the gospel of Jesus Christ and takes us closer to saving faith.
Powerful Gospel Bible Tracts are indispensable!  When you make Bible gospel tracts part of your spiritual repertoire,
God will give you many great opportunities to share. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or experience in
sharing the gospel, GO Evangelism Christian Bible Gospel tract is an indispensable Soul Winning Tool.

Great Gospel Sharing Ideas are Available Here!


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 People Worldwide Are Perishing From a Lack of Knowledge!
Where there is no Word of God, where there is no message of life, the people perish!
Help us reach millions of people of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - in their own native languages!
It is our goal to publish what we believe to be the most powerful and illustrative gospel tracts into every major world language.
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